Join us for our *VIRTUAL* 29th Annual Convention 

What you'll get:

Speaker Presentations:

  • Lanette Marie Scherr - Traditional Camouflage Tattoo Procedures Versus Dry Needling for Scar Diminishment in 2020 
  • Pam Neighbors, CPCP - Scalp Tattooing – It’s More than Just Dots   
  • Liz Cook - Single Session Airbrushed & Blushed Lips 
  • Vicki Hansen, CPCP - Prismatic Powder Brows 
  • Yolanda Peña, CPCP - Ophthalmology Principles Applied to Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner 
  • Cynthia Cross, CPCP - Learn How to Take Great Smartphone Photos 
  • Bonus Content
  • Shanan Zickefoose, BSN, RN, CPCP - Stop the Spread of Infection - It's on our Hands

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