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Areola: Beyond the Basics

As artists, we learn the basics of drawing, shading, highlights, depth, and shape. But how do we take a standard 3D areola/nipple tattoo and make it really pop with hyper-realism detail and texture, unique for each client’s needs and desires? No two areolas are exactly the same. Each being as unique as we are people of diversity. Each artist develops their own style whether it is lips, brows, liner, or areola work. Kris will demonstrate how we can use our individual style and take areola tattooing Beyond the Basics.

Kris Fernicola

Kris brings true artistry to the industry having studied portrait, anatomy, and realism drawing at the Art Student League in NY City as well as studied under the tutelage of many fabulous artists. It was her mom’s and sister’s battles with cancer that inspired her to begin the journey as a paramedical tattoo artist. Using her gift for realism art, she now works with women and men who have had mastectomies and reconstruction as being part of the Sauler Institute team. Kris has been awarded in competition for her areola tattooing.

Complexities of Scar Work

Ruth Swissa will be sharing her medical micropigmentation expertise with an emphasis on advanced scar camouflage technique. Using a case-by-case approach, she will be highlighting her more challenging scar camouflage procedures and discussing the individualized approach necessary to successfully camouflage discoloration that cannot be corrected through traditional means. Cases include burn survivor hypo/hyperpigmentation, vitiligo treatment, and most popularly, her Moh’s Surgery scar camouflage case featured on Channel E’s Botched.

Ruth Swissa

Ruth is a professional permanent makeup artist and skin care specialist whose family has been in the aesthetics field for three generations. She works extensively with plastic surgeons, who refer patients to her for medical micropigmentation procedures such as areola re-pigmentation, scar camouflage, and vitiligo treatments. Ruth is a long-time member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, selected expert at the Grossman Burn Center, and a network provider for the Cedars-Sinai Medical Group and UCLA Oncological Center.

Eyeliner: Pack It Up or Pack It In

Do you have a love/hate relationship with eyeliners? This is often because many artists struggle to achieve great healed results and don’t understand why. Vicki will share stretch secrets, needle selection, reading the skin, and how to get the right amount of saturation. Style options covered will include wings, wisps, wedges, and color stacking - what choice is appropriate for a particular client and what can get you into trouble. Discover how you can choose a hint of subtle color or drama-mamma bold.

Vicki Hansen, CPCP

Vicki brings nearly 30 years of experience to our industry and has worked with some of the top plastic surgeons in Texas. As a medical esthetician, she has been teaching esthetic procedures and permanent makeup for well-over a decade. Vicki customizes procedures for her clients, which include micro-etched brows, translucent/powder style brows, eyeliner, PMU correction, 3D areola, skin needling, scar reduction & camouflage procedures. Her practice, Vicki’s Making Faces and The Studio for Advanced PMU education is located in Arlington, Texas.

Scalp Micropigmentation "Im already tattooing-I don't need training to do DOTS!"

The scalp micropigmentation (SMP) industry has opened huge potential for field related artists. SMP requires proper education and hands-on experience, even if already trained in other tattoo techniques. Lack of respect for the delicacy and technicality of this process has left many unsuspecting clients hiding under hats. Pam has presented on this topic before and everyone has asked for more! Joining her will be Arin Adjamian, as they address concerns regarding proper training in SMP and what options clients have for correction.

Pam Neighbors

Pam is the founder of Trillium Ink Scalp Academy, rooted in the Pacific Northwest. She has 28+ years’ experience in the field. She is a licensed esthetician and licensed, certified permanent cosmetics artist in 3 U.S. states and is accomplished in tattoo art, scar camouflage, esthetics, and microneedling. In her years of practice, she has helped countless clients, performing post-surgery reconstructive tattoo procedures alongside some of Seattle’s top surgeons. Hair loss professionals refer their alopecia clients to her with confidence. She is committed to providing break though techniques in her field and sharing those for the advancement of the industry.

Arin Adjamian

Arin is a Las Vegas based artist and owner of Scalp King Scalp Micropigmentation Academy founded in 2016. He and his wife Ani "Neenajay" founded both Ivy Laser Salon, a med spa in Las Vegas, and Neenajaybrows, a PMU studio in 2013. His background as a medic and a laser tattoo removal tech/laser safety officer gives him a unique insight into the corrective scope of SMP using lasers, aseptic procedures, and anatomy. Arin is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a two-time world champion.

The Melanin Influence

Are you an artist who strives for beautifully healed eyebrows regardless of skin type and skin tone? Do you understand how the cellular healing process of skin impacts the pigment implant? In this session, Rose will teach you how to accurately identify your clients’ Fitzpatrick type, how to avoid a funky color heal, how to determine which permanent cosmetic protocols work best regardless of skin tone, and how melanin influences the appearance of the cosmetic tattoo.

Rose Prieto, CPCP

Rose has been an SPCP member since 2008 and is a licensed cosmetic tattooist, esthetician, and electrologist living in Miami, Florida where she owns and operates Beauty & Brow Lounge. She is an industry speaker, content creator, freelance beauty writer, and published author of two industry books, How Fitzpatrick & Melanin Influence the Cosmetic Tattoo and In the Skin. Rose is also the host of her own weekly podcast, The Beauty Lounge, and is honored to speak at the 2021 SPCP annual conference!

Dark Lips: The Art of Working With Cool Tones

Carla uncovers the truths behind working with cool lip tones. A common misconception in the industry for years has been that dark lips cannot be blushed. Permanent cosmetics are done within the skin, not on the skin - so we must treat it as such. With proper technique, tool selection, and custom blending / selecting the appropriate pigment colors, we can neutralize the temperature, hue, saturation, and value of the undertone. This is where the magic happens. With these specially designed techniques, we can neutralize and achieve a "blush effect" on dark, cool-tone lips.

Carla Ricciardone

We are honored to have Carla Ricciardone, a noted specialist working with melanin-rich and hyperpigmented lips, speak on this important topic. Her presentations are in high demand globally. Through countless hours of research and over 2,000 clients, she has developed a cosmetic tattoo method for dark lips that goes well beyond just using corrective pigments. Carla has accumulated over 80 learning experiences worldwide and created a unique understanding of how to deliver information so that people can own their knowledge rather than just watching her conduct procedures.

Marketing Trends: How to Stand Out Without Stressing Out

Wondering where you should focus your marketing efforts to generate new PMU clients? How can you succeed in the fast-paced, real-time, right now of today’s social platforms? It’s getting harder to get brand visibility to show your services in this noisy world, where many of us (and our customers) feel overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. There is a better way. And it does lead to more measurable results! In this session, April will reveal the important marketing trends, so you aren’t relying on outdated tactics.

April Meese, CPCP

April Meese has been a permanent cosmetic professional since 2005. Her co-existing skincare expertise led to a special appearance on the Dr. Oz Show in 2010. April was soon elected to the SPCP Board of Directors and later received the SPCP Ambassador Award in 2017 for her continued assistance. She is currently the owner of Enhancing Beauty in NYC. Putting her business degree and marketing minor to good use, April founded the online marketing program Elevate Your Beauty Business where she helps PMU professionals increase their income up to 50% with the AMP-lify method.

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