This amazing line up of speakers will help you level up on your pigment knowledge, your artist's eye, business and marketing, lasers, working with scars and so much more!
Education is essential to continued success, and we have found some of the best in the biz to guide you along the way!


Speaker Line Up

Facial Injectables, Aesthetics, and Permanent Cosmetics

Here is the 411 in becoming more knowledgeable in working on clients who have or want facial injectables such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Aesthetics. In this segment, Marie will help you understand the dos and don’ts to ensure better results, symmetry, and safety measures. Today, more and more individuals of various age groups are seeking all types of facial aesthetics, skin treatments, and injections along with permanent cosmetics. Are you ready to be able to advise what is best for them? Learn best practices when doing our procedures on faces receiving other aesthetic treatments.

The Flare of Traditional Eyeliner

With many clients requesting dramatic and/or winged eyeliner, how do we determine what will and will not be suitable for individual clients and heal well over time? Leave out the drama and add a little flare! Mapping of eyeliner is an important step in creating the perfect hint of flare that your clients crave. Whether referred to as a wing, wedge, or flick, Kimberly can help you determine which facet of conventional eyeliner is most appropriate for your client.

Know Your Pigment: What is Safe?

Examine recent changes in EU REACH regulations and their impact on PMU production. Analyze common ingredient controversies and disagreements to develop a comprehensive understanding of what makes a pigment safe.

Laser Removal for Permanent Cosmetics

This presentation will explain how laser tattoo removal works and can benefit you and your clients. Hugh will have multiple photos of actual patients (before, during, and after treatment). He will explain the process of tattoo removal and will review laser safety, side effects of laser treatments, and possible complications. You will learn the effects of Q-switched wavelength on different Fitzpatrick skin types. Hugh will answer all the questions you have regarding cosmetic pigment removal and how this will improve your practice and your client’s satisfaction.

Break the Internet…The PMU-preneur blueprint to blowing up on social media.

Want to supercharge your social media marketing and attract more clients for your PMU business? Join Emily for an energetic share of tactics, tools, tips, and actionable strategies for your social success! Learn how to attract more clients and increase sales, discover systems to bring structure and irresistibility to your marketing approach. Emily shares her favorite apps and best practices for marketing on Facebook and Instagram. She will show you how to make your photos and videos stand out with content creation batching tips and so much more!

The Artist’s Eye

A one-of-a-kind presentation that will help expand your design skills beyond technical mapping. You will better design procedures for your client’s specific challenges and needs for the most stunning and natural procedures! With The Artist’s Eye, you will be able to see and understand your clients’ facial anatomy on a whole new level! Lisa Doll is an award-winning artist that shares what every cosmetic tattoo artist should know about facial harmony and anatomy.

Tattooing Melanin Rich Skin

Melanin can be problematic when it shows up on lighter areas of the skin or when an over-production is triggered by trauma to the skin, especially when it comes to cosmetic tattooing. Selecting the proper pigments, needles, and techniques can mitigate the activity of these melanocytes in order to create a beautiful, healed result. Join Carlos as he takes you through his experience of working on a diverse range of clientele (African descent, Hispanic/ Latinx, South / Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American), and discusses how pigment colors, needle selection, and tattooing techniques interact with the complexities of melanin rich skin.

Scar Rehab for PMU

Learn when and how to enhance your canvas for permanent cosmetics with microneedling techniques when a scar is present. Revising the scarred area prior to tattooing can really make a big difference in the way the tattoo heals & looks. Learn the benefits and techniques of microneedling and single needling for; prepping the skin, anti-aging, stretch mark & scar revisions. Elsa will be sharing all her tips and tricks for needling the skin.

Skyrocket Profits with Podcasts: How to Build Credibility and Trust for More Client Sales

Did you know, there are 1.8 million Podcast shows on the air and more starting daily? That means hosts are looking for guests just like YOU! April Meese will show you how to get booked on the best podcasts to reach the right audience of beauty buyers so that you can get more brand visibility without the social media burnout; use your voice to build connection and trust without ever leaving your home or office; and create credibility to help you stand out from the competition and positions you as an expert. Best of all, you can build massive visibility for your business without hiring an expensive agency or any costs. Learn how to be memorable and build a buzz in a way that you can get listeners excited about your services for more sales in your PMU business.

SMP: No More Helmets

Taryn gives her tips and tricks for successful scalp micropigmentation


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