The purpose of this presentation is to help you maintain a thriving business in the 21st century. We are in a precarious environment with seemingly limited resources, clientele, and scalability. The pillars of marketing are not solely dependent on ad gurus, ad spend, or beautiful branding. A true testament to growth relies primarily on your ability to persevere despite setbacks, dwindling budgets, and unknown external circumstances. COVID19 has shaken up many industries, but if you are aware of your pillars, and attach everything to a quantifiable result you will not fall behind the curve. The only difference between a successful business, and a dying business is the owner's ability to forecast income projections, changes to service items as your target market evolves, and drastically reduce your debt to income ratio. Personal debt can create a negative correlation to your businesses working capital, therefore this should be your number one concern if you plan to invest in expansion, upgrades, or new training. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to mimic large corporations that have long since figured out how to stay ahead of competitors by strategically planning every step necessary for growth over the next five years. Short and long term goals, in conjunction with an explicit strategy will ensure your doors remain open. Now is the time to be productive and break down your business principles, while also figuring out the business models you choose to emulate. Your net worth is directly connected to your network, therefore you should always try to find the silver lining among your closest colleagues by initiating balance, brainstorming, and unyielding support. The presentation we will review will explain the pillars needed to meet these common goals.

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